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Flower Mound Foundation Service

Are you looking for a house foundation company in Flower Mound, TX? If you think that your foundation has developed faults due to visibly expanding cracks in the walls, you will need to repair it quickly. The damage caused by the cracks can get worst and more expensive to repair. If you have structural damage that has to be addressed, I Need Remodeling has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you recover the value of your home.

When foundation problems arise, it will make it more difficult or impossible to resell. If you want to sell it, disclosure of any work that you’ve had done on the foundation has to be listed for sale. That is why it is better to hire our services, and we will be happy to offer them.

Best Methods of Foundation Repair in Flower Mound

The two standard methods for lifting sinking concrete foundations are the Piering and Slabjacking. Using the piering method, our Flower Mound foundation repair expert will need to dig into the ground to place the pier under the existing foundation and raise it with hydraulics to place it back into place. The piering method requires multiple piers placed in different areas/spots under the foundation. 

The slab jacking method uses a grout mixture pumped under the concrete foundation to float it back to a normal position. Our specialists will be able to assess which repair method is most suitable for your foundation needs in Flower Mound, TX.

Piering is a more expensive procedure for rebuilding a foundation as it requires excavation and hydraulic piers. However, piering has always been considered a more permanent solution that won’t compromise the house or shifting of the earth. Slabjacking, although it is an effective solution, could be rendered ineffective if there were any structural changes/alterations to your house or the soil surrounding it.

Foundation in Flower Mound

Remodeling your foundation is a big investment. You want it to last. Unfortunately, most foundation remodeling contractors do a shabby job increasing the susceptibility of your property to damage. I Need Remodeling foundation solutions is different than other foundation remodelers in Flower Mound. We utilize a durable and proven foundation remodeling and repair system. Our system transforms your foundation into a solid base for your property, thereby protecting your investment.

One Call Does It All! Foundation Services in Flower Mound

Finding a responsible and trustworthy foundation remodeling and repair contractor in Flower Mound is challenging, but you’ll find that I Need Remodeling adheres to simple guidelines of integrity, respect, and responsibility. Showing up on time for appointments, executing the task that we contract to do, and standing behind our company warranty helps homeowners trust that we’ll be there when you need us.

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We provide reliable foundation remodeling and repair services that you desire in Flower Mound, TX. Get the best results you want when you hire an experienced contractor that you can trust. As you can see, professional advice is always needed when it comes to house foundations. If you require a reliable company to take care of your house and add extra value to it, contact us today.

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