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Your floors are the most obvious, used, and exposed aspects of your living space. As such, there is a need to ensure that your flooring material is durable, good-looking, and a hustler in its own class.

Unless you want to live in a floorless home—which doesn’t exist—you need to put much thought into your flooring, just as you would your roofing. And, when the time comes to getting things done professionally, I Need Remodeling is quite the shiner.

Flooring Service Dallas

Flooring Installation in Dallas, TX

Once upon a time, a homeowner called Luke ignored our advice and hired an unprofessional to handle his flooring installation. Not only is Luke’s home now a huge pile of cement-coated mess today, but also uninhabited given the extent of the problem caused by the wrong diagnosis. Don’t be like Luke. Choose I Need Remodeling everything regarding installing flooring materials.

For several years, the team has specialized in handling residential and commercial flooring projects. We have installed virtually all types of floors in any size or arrangement in the living space. From the planning phase to the procurement stage, we take care of all the logistics. Then, the installation itself is done professionally and effectively.

Regardless of the size or nature of the project, our experts can assist you to create and implement custom-tailored flooring plans. We will stick to your budget, work with your requirements in mind and do our best to realize your design goals in the shortest time possible. With several of experience in the flooring space, I Need Remodeling is committed to getting the job done right once.

Hardwood Flooring

We have a soft spot for hardwood floors not only because they are durable, but also because these types are easy to maintain. Plus, this grade of flooring is available in an almost unlimited range of appearances, many of which are bound to tickle homeowners’ fancy. Our hardwood executions come in numerous colors, styles, species, and stains.

Whatever you need for your home or business, you should be able to get hardwood flooring options that match your décor and are capable of meeting your household’s needs. At I Need Remodeling, we are certified to install hardwood flooring and guarantee you quality materials. Our experts will be obliged to help your source the materials best for your project.

One Call Does It All! Dallas Flooring Services

As one of the most recommended flooring services providers in town, we go the extra mile to meet and exceed what you expect from a hardwood flooring plan. Whichever design or initiative you go with, our pro floorers are sure to help you scale through every aspect of the project.

Tile Flooring

Tiles are such a durable and great-looking flooring option, no wonder why they are some of the most sought-after in the homeowners’ association. Tiles are ideal for high-traffic areas in your living space, as well as the rooms more susceptible to dirt, humidity, and even heat. What’s more, when you pair your tiling with radiant-heated floors, they’re great for treating cold feet.

A tile floor is meant to stand the test of quite the stretch of time. As such, the installation, maintenance, and repairs need to be done right the first time of asking. To make sure of this, hire a reputable flooring business like I Need Remodeling. Our flooring experts can handle laminates, ceramics, slates, marbles, porcelains, and other tile flooring types.

Tile flooring demands subfloor prep work to prevent water damage and make sure the installation lasts as long as expected. Whether it is a board of cement or a tile backer base, our professionals have the requisite materials for installing, maintaining and repairing tiles. If we’re talking about slate tiles, then we make sure the floor is properly reinforced pre-installation.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl happens to be one of the cheapest flooring materials on the market. Why’s that? It costs much less to produce it. But that doesn’t translate to vinyl being the least flooring material there is. Should you want the exotic hardwood or marble tile look, you can easily achieve it without spending much. Vinyl is the secret you know that your guests do not.

Similar to tiles, vinyl flooring is quite an easy one to clean, and its installation often results in fewer seams than other flooring types. That means, just about anyone can effectively clean this flooring type, and there are fewer complications in the installation process. Despite a seemingly easy setup, you need an expert to make sure of the variables.

Besides, our rates don’t bite. We charge some of the lowest fees in the market. Feel free to compare our cost-free quotations with that of the competition, as the team is a stickler for transparency. When we’re done with that vinyl, the results would be almost unreal.

I Need Remodeling takes pride in transforming the looks of your home, one flooring material at a time. We look forward to working with you!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring comprises a thick layer of decorative materials placed over the particleboard or any other synthetic base. This layer can have an extensive array of designs and can imitate the looks and feels of marble, stone, natural wood, and other more costly flooring options. This is what makes laminates great for home and office spaces, as it is a way to get an elegant look at friendly costs.

When it comes to selecting a new flooring option, budgeting can be just as hassling as settling for one style—especially when you are choosing laminates. Nevertheless, there aren’t many worries where the best flooring services come from. At I Need Remodeling, we work with home and business owners for flooring plans that fit budgets and speak styles. To get the most of this financial embankment, trust in our specialized services.

Laminate floors are good for replacing conventional flooring materials like stone or hardwood. That’s because they cost less than other flooring upgrade options and last longer than most. That is why laminates are also ideal for commercial applications. Once it’s installed, there’s hardly anything else to worry about.

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