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Dallas Cover Patio

Have you ever wanted to build the ideal covered patio for your summer parties, cookouts, and other leisurely outdoor activities? Or, you’d like to build a covered patio for your backyard? If your answer is yes and you reside in Dallas, your local, covered patio remodeling and installation experts are here for you.

Patio Covered Dallas

At I Need Remodeling, we are aware that adding a jaw-dropping new covered patio or an enlarged stamped concrete patio can be a priceless investment for individuals who enjoy entertaining often or for those who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. A covered space in your backyard means that you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle in nearly all weather conditions!

I Need Remodeling, and our team of cover patio in Dallas are world-class patio and hardscaping experts. Whether you’re interested in building a patio cover to protect and designate outdoor activities or install stone, brick, or concrete throughout your backyard, I Need Remodeling is your ideal choice for backyard renovations and remodeling in Dallas.

Best Patio and Hardscaping Services in Dallas

I Need Remodeling, and our team of patio builders pride ourselves on quality above all else. We value customer service and keep our efforts to improve our quality and customer service with every project in Dallas.

Stone Veneer Dallas

Are you interested in installing a stone veneer around your patio cover or exterior of your house? Stone veneer gives your home an uplifting personality and style that is not available with stucco or traditional exteriors. Stone veneer can help you add value and stand out in your community.

Brick & Interlocking Pavers Dallas

Brick and interlocking pavers for the patio is another great option for homeowners interested in building a fully custom patio area for their backyard. Our patio contractors can pride ourselves on professional installation and repairs for interlocking pavers in Dallas. 

Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Interested in becoming a grill master and require a place to BBQ and grill your favorite meats? In Dallas, we provide an array of different designs and options for outdoor kitchen design and construction. We build patio covers for your outdoor kitchen, install new countertops, add cabinet space, gas line, etc. Let our team help you create and upgrade your outdoor kitchen in Dallas today.

Dallas Patio Cover and Design

Are you tired of looking for a patio cover specialist that can help you build your patio cover? I Need Remodeling offers patio covers in three main categories; wood patio covers, aluminum patio covers, and vinyl patio covers. Our patio cover installers can build custom patio covers, and install prefabricated designs. We also offer patio cover repairs in Dallas as well as new construction and demolishing services. Plan your patio cover purchase or construction with I Need Remodeling.

We Are Your Covered Patio Experts

Specializing in a diverse range of covered patio installation services, we are here to deliver your dreams' backyard oasis. Whether you're looking to replace your disheveled, rickety, covered patio with a new one, add a custom covered patio roof extension to provide cooling shade, I Need Remodeling can assist you! Outdoor covered patios come in all sizes and shapes and can be used for various purposes, yet there is truly nothing that we can't do to significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of your backyard while simultaneously improving the value of your property.

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All our remodeling, installation, and repair work are carried out in a quality-driven and timely manner, so you never have to worry about how the finished product will turn out. Call us today (214) 400-9634 and hire a professional property maintenance contractor for home improvement, remodeling, and repair or handyman services to take care of all the projects awaiting a professional touch. Alternatively, you can use our convenient online form at www.ineedremodeling.com to get a free quote today.

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